My second book of poetry, Mother/Daughter/Monster, is forthcoming in 2020.

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Hereditary (2018)

How many ways are there to ruin a child?
Sweetie, that land is boundless.
You can lop off their heads
one by one, reach down their reedy necks and pull
out what’s inside. Sift
through the pulp and grue
til you’re covered in it. You still won’t know
what they really need.

And am I culpable?
For giving birth? They say
you always have a choice, always,
no matter how horrible it sounds, it’s the woman’s
but there was no choice.
Show me where I went wrong. Show me how
I could’ve knocked that crown off

his head once they decided to put it there.
Because there never was a choice,
and all your self-righteousness, all of this
won’t change a damned thing.
I’ve tried. I tried. I try.
Your children aren’t your children,
didn’t somebody say that once?