I love writing about the horror genre, particularly the ways in which it intersects with societal norms and the law. I write op-eds, features, and reviews. You can currently find my writing at Daily Grindhouse, Bitch Flicks, and The Bloodlust. Examples include:

‘Assassination Nation’: On Empathy and the Internet (Daily Grindhouse)

‘CAM’ is a True Rarity (Daily Grindhouse)

‘Splice’: The Horror of Having It All (Bitch Flicks)

The Manipulative Woman in SciFi: Bending Time and People to Her Will (Bitch Flicks)

‘Felt’: When the Final Girl Comes Home (Bitch Flicks)

The Angry Young Man in Horror (Bitch Flicks)

‘Lyle’ Review (The Bloodlust)

Please visit the Contact page if you’d like to get in touch with me about writing for your website.