9/26/18 Poet Andrea Blythe reviewed the book on her blog: “[I Am Not Your Final Girl] presents a sense of fierce hope in the act of resistance, in rising up, in fighting back.”

9/26/18 I Am Not Your Final Girl was reviewed on The Misadventures of a Reader: “What I thought was interesting was that this was the Holland’s feelings about these women, brought about by the political climate. I found each of the poems to be gut wrenching and heart breaking. When you really digest the words and the meaning he fear and anger behind the words is palatable.”

9/10/18 Read another recent review at Becca Leigh Anne’s blog: “[I]t honestly gave me this sense of empowerment. Guys, women are amazing and even though the world is kind of.. shit.. there are inspiring women out there who are fighting every day for others and I have so much respect for them. I think it’s wonderful how Claire C. Holland has also found inspiration within characters in horror films who constantly had to fight…. I’m in awe.”

9/6/18 I Am Not Your Final Girl was recently reviewed on Horror Geek Life: “[O]ver the course of 40 poems, Holland’s words offer glimpses of situations far and wide, sure to connect with every woman everywhere, and in turn, provide reassurance that ‘something can be vulnerable and powerful at once'... and inspiration to stand their ground, speak their truth, and fight a fight worth fighting."

8/29/18 Read Claire's guest post in author Matt Betts' blog series: Poetry Post-Mortem.

8/3/18 Listen to a reading of “Sophia" from I Am Not Your Final Girl on the latest episode of Horror Movie Podcast.

6/18/18 Claire was recently a guest author on Speculative Chic to talk about her favorite things in genre.

6/15/18 I Am Not Your Final Girl was recently reviewed on La Femme Macabre: “The book is just under 100 pages of thoughtful, powerful, and poignant poetry inspired by all of our favorite final girls created with perfect timing given our current political climate.... This has to be one of the most clever books I've picked up this year so far."

5/3/18 Author Gwendolyn Kiste interviewed Claire over at her blog.

5/1/18 I Am Not Your Final Girl was reviewed on Horror Movie Podcast (review begins at 1:22:43), and you can win a copy of the book if you tune in.

3/20/18 Read an interview between Claire C. Holland and Stephanie Wytovich, the Poetry Editor at Raw Dog Screaming Press, over at Stephanie's blog: Join Me in the Madhouse.

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3/4/18 Claire had the honor of being a juror for Horror Movie Podcast's Horror Cinema Awards. Check out the episode.