Claire's first book of poetry, I Am Not Your Final Girl, a collection of feminist-horror poems about final girls, is now available. The poems confront the role of women throughout history in relation to subjects such as feminism,  violence, motherhood, and sexuality. Each poem is based on a fictional character from horror cinema, and explores the many ways in which women find empowerment through violence and their own perceived monstrousness.

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Possession (1981)

A woman’s body was made for this,
for birthing, for enduring

hours of pulsating pain, but no birth,
no ingress into this world should hurt

this much. A blade in her back,
it threatens to bubble up from inside,

to pour from her prone and twisting
body, everywhere, frothing

into cracks in the cement, heavy
like paint. And so she thrashes, smashes

her head against the tunnel walls
like a dervish, a devil woman demented

and godlike, with her too-many arms
waving, a container for grief and this other

thing she cannot name. A broken
discontent, willing itself to life.